Founded in 2003 by owner David Chapman, Mistral Technical Services are a multi-discipline Consultancy/Management company based in Gloucestershire, UK.

Mistral Technical Services also carry out Project Dispute Resolution, acting on behalf of a client we act as their technical adviser to help in clearing problems which could stop Projects being handed over, we work with the contractors or suppliers to take the project to a satisfactory conclusion.

We have changed out over 10,000KW of Air Conditioning equipment in the last 5 years as well as over 7000KW of Commercial heating systems.

• Heating • Ventilation • Refrigeration • Energy Management/Awareness • Project Management •

The mistral is a strong, cold wind that blows from Southern France into the Gulf of Lion in the Northern Mediterranean, it is said to be the difference between life & death in the region.

Its fierceness blows away clouds and grime and doubt, leaving colours the depth of dreams and a freshness that can come only after the Mistral’s scouring – Kamiah A. Walker